Three ways to donate online:

#1 – Desktop or Mobile Browser


Simple hit the donate button to donate using your browser. Registration isn’t required but recommended if you plan to donate again in the future


#2 – Mobile App


Install “EasyTithe Giving” mobile app on Android or iOS
Open the app and search by church name or zip code 83642
Login or create a donor profile to start donating


#3 – Text 

Simply text “Give” to 208-900-4655 and you will receive a text message with instructions on how to donate.


Watch Step-by-Step Video Tutorials here



Если у вас есть какие-либо проблемы с пожертвованием, пишите на адрес
Укажите ваше имя, описание проблемы и номер телефона, и мы свяжемся с вами в ближайшее время.

If you have any issues donating, email
Include your name, description of problem, and phone number and we will get back to you as soon as possible.